Heavy loads over thousands of miles can take a toll on trucks and trailers. Reload with confidence knowing your rig is structurally sound after all those miles with Magnetic Particle Testing which finds invisible stress fractures before they cause a catastrophic failure. Discover a fracture before it causes you to loose a load with a thorough check.

Depending on mileage, load type and terrain, we suggest you have your rig tested by us on a regular basis to ensure confidence in the security your customer’s merchandise. Many different industries can benefit from our services, especially logging and large-load, flatbed trailers.

Reporting methods can include measurements, photography, pass / fail or any criteria desired, be it standardized or custom. Call today for a demonstration, estimate and maintenance schedule evaluation for your company.

Jefferson State Gear has both portable and stationary Magnetic Particle Inspection units to cover many different types of testing. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. We can be reached at (530) 410-1036.