Heavy Equipment

During normal usage heavy equipment machinery is subject to great stresses due to the shear power and loads experienced by these machines during their typical on-the-job usage. Over time, service-induced stress fractures can weaken parts and put them at risk of failure during a high load event resulting in down time, equipment damage or even injury of nearby personnel.

Regular inspection of heavy equipment critical components can keep your workplace moving along safely and without stoppage. We recommend regular testing of bucket cylinders booms and arms, tractor assemblies, forks, blades, crane hooks, crane supports and similar critical parts on a regular basis with frequency based on usage so you can confidently utilize your earth moving , demolition equipment and specialized equipment for factories and lumber mills.

Reporting methods can include measurements, photography, pass / fail or any criteria desired standardized or custom. Call today for a demonstration, estimate and maintenance schedule evaluation for your company.

Jefferson State Gear has both portable and stationary Magnetic Particle Inspection units to cover many different types of testing. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. We can be reached at (530) 410-1036.